Our Story

We created Cameron Mitchell Premier Events so that we were able to offer a level of service that has not been available before. From award-winning food and hospitality, to creative event design, we are providing the full Cameron Mitchell experience to our guests.

Since Cameron Mitchell Premier Events began delivering our outstanding food and genuine hospitality in 2001, we have grown as a concept and as a company.

In 2017, we opened our venue The Exchange, a contemporary open event space located in Dublin’s Bridge Park neighborhood. Most recently in the summer of 2019, we opened our newest venue, The Terrace, located in the heart of The Short North Arts District.

In addition to our numerous event spaces, our specialty event practices have evolved as well. We’ve grown the sports and leisure segment of our business by announcing a partnership with The Memorial Tournament in 2012, as well as being the primary caterer for both the 2013 Presidents Cup and the 2016 Senior Open. We’ve also increased our specialty offerings to include a dedicated Kosher and gluten-friendly team.

Our six senior members, who have nearly 70 years of combined service with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, lead a seasoned team of food and event professionals who are highly focused on our clients’ needs and continuing to create spectacular events as we expand to new venues and markets.

Meet Our Team